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The RED Epic has made large format distribution accessible and easy.

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Product Description

The RED Epic has made large format distribution accessible and easy, featuring a 5k sensor capable of capturing up to 18 stops of dynamic range. The Epic is fast enough to keep up with your project- able to shoot 120fps at its full 5k resolution and a stunning 300fps with a 2k resolution. This powerful camera is encased in a small 5lb body, ready for any style of shooting. With its removable lens mount the Epic can be paired with both PL cinema glass and Canon EF lenses, giving the DP even more control over the look of the project.


Key Features:

Recording formats: 5K RAW (FF, 2:1, 2.4:1, Ana 2:1), 4.5K RAW (2.4:1), 4K RAW (16:9, HD, 2:1, Ana 2:1),

3K RAW (16:9, 2:1, Ana 2:1), 2K RAW (16:9, 2:1 and, Ana 2:1), 1080p RGB (16:9), 720p RGB(16:9)

Frame rates: Max 121FPS at 5k WS, 4K, 4K HD. Max 160FPS at 3K. Max 303FPS at 2k WS. Max 400FPS at 1K WS.

Native EI: 800


Sensor: 5120×2700 MYSTERIUM-X

Output: HD SDI, 2k RGB, SMPTE Timecode

Weight: Approx. 5lbs (Body Only)

Power Output: 4 pin Lemo

Mount Options: PL, EF

Media: REDMag SSD

Input: 2x 4 pin Lemo (Sync, Control), 9 Pin Lemo (Ethernet), 2x 3.5mm jack (Audio)



The RED Epic is a great choice for projects that need high frame rates and high resolutions. The Epic has the ability to give any DP beautiful image quality with stunning detail. This camera is especially helpful for shooting with a gyro system where every pound of weight can make a difference in the outcome of the shot. At only 5lbs a stripped down body can get into small spaces with no problem. One thing to note is these cameras can get heavy quickly once accessories and batteries begin to be added on. The REDMote, included in the Birns kits, is a great way to control the camera when it is stripped of a side handle or touchscreen, or on a jib.




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